In 1990, with no prior experience or formal training, he began drawing, painting, and sculpting. In Gunner's words, "I opened a door and found a sky." "Sky" being his world of art. A world of intricate design and detail, of strange objects and subject matter, challenging juxtapositions of dark and light, and of torch and steel.

He is an artist that sees poetic beauty in the transformation of an ordinary Spitfire hood into a "hovercraft" for a larger-than-life alien woman shaped entirely of polished steel which rotates 360 degrees on a pedestal. Original, thought provoking, and mind bending. (See gallery pics of "Spitfire")

Today he creates rather than destroys. His art is a blend of magic, mysticism, demons and heroes. It has been said that he brings to life incredible form and beauty from assumed destruction. He turns lifeless items, such as burnt pieces of wood from the Topanga fires, into the legs of a throne. (See gallery pics of his "Throne" for the film Batman Forever.)

Gunner says, "I see the beauty inherent in nature, even in the face of destruction, and from that vision, I create more life."


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