wood embellished cuffs

All leather cuffs may be custom ordered. Availability of different wood subject to change.

I use high quality 6-7 ounce leather.  And cut my own lace when used.  Each cuff is custom, handmade, carved, tooled leather.  Any sewing of components or design is done by hand with artificial sinew.

I use dye, and in some cases, acrylic paint for highlights, which soaks into the leather like dye and doesn't fade.  I give each and every one of my leather bracelets and their components the highest quality individual attention in workmanship with every detail.

I use carved wood or vintage pieces as you see in the first cuff in the line up that were in my grandmother's jewelry store that she had for over 40 years in Greenwich Village.  I inherited all these unique vintage pieces from her.  I'll create more cuffs and other jewelry as I have a large supply from the turn of the 20th century into the 1960's.