All jewelry may be custom ordered. Availability of different enamels and metals subject to change.

    I created this silver line of jewelry together with enamels from the early 1940's. The enamels had earring screw backs and cuff link hooks on the back. I removed them and designed this jewelry to set the enamels in. The line is called “Timeless”. The enamels were made by Johnny Lombardo, a painter and jeweler who lived in New York during that time period. He dated my grandmother. She had a jewelry store in Greenwich Village for over 40 years. From which I inherited all these unique vintage pieces. I have over 3,300 enamels the size of a penny. Some are circular and some are square. There are 2 lists of numbered enamels above with a limited number of each design. They are handmade and vary from one to another. You would then choose the enamels you want in each piece.

The silver components I carved out of wax and cast.  Each piece is handmade and assembled by hand.  I give each component the highest quality individual attention in cleaning and detailing.